World Health Emergency Warning

Video Exclusive!  Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Covid-19 Warning. (Below)

Hello, I’m Scott Prentice, the owner of this website.  I’ve been deep diving on this and other Covid-19 issues since the beginning of this pandemic.  I have many pages here on my website that completely support what Dr. Peter McCullough is explaining in this hourlong video.

I also believe that all the global statistics and many other leading medical journals support this evidence.  This is not to scare or bring fear into anyone’s consciousness.  I’m only trying to share important information to all humanity.  If you haven’t noticed the extremely high rates of sudden instant death or athletes falling over dead in the sports fields around the world, that would be the first sign you haven’t been paying attention.  I’m hoping this video becomes a last ditch effort to bring attention to this major global crisis.

I believe with all my heart and mind this video does the best job explaining the situation we are in as a human species.  Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. I would like to ask you personally, if you made it this far, please share this video with friends and family.  – May God Help Us All!

Please go back to the beginning of These Times (My category for Covid – 19)  for more information on this crisis.  Here is one of my earliest posts from 2021. 

You will see the featured video from YouTube was canceled as many have.  This is another reason why I try to keep my video content hosted on my server.  This is also why many in society are not finding the truth.  In the bottom of that story there are many links to other stories that also share some of this same information.

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