This is your opportunity to own 9 of the Most Desired Acres in the Black Hills!

Hello my name is Scott Prentice. Welcome to the Rubicon~

I have 9 acres for sale located in one of the most beautiful places in all of the Black Hills. Views to Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. This remote and secluded property is ideally located for wildlife enthusiasts, Remote Backwoods Cabin or a VIP Residential Custom Home or your personal Gold Mine.

Or become an investor with me!

Here is why: Everywhere they stick a hole in this ground they are finding high grade gold, Silver and Rare Earth Minerals.

  • Dakota Gold holds approx. 2126 Acres at Richmond Hill with 1.33 Million Oz of Maiden Gold – $3,192,000,000 Gold Declared in Maiden Gold at Gold’s current price of $2400.00.
  • Dakota Gold Holds approx. ___________ acres at Maitland Camp with ___________Oz. of Maiden Gold. With a value of $_______________________
  • Wharf Coeur Mining holds approx. 7852 Acres with 908,000 Proclamed reserves -$2,179,200,000 Gold Reserves (Read 2023 Year End Report)
  • Homestake Mine – Mined 68 Million Oz of Gold – THAT’S $163,200,000,000 Bilion Dollars! at today’s Price.
  • I’m still working on the math… but Solitario is just updating their findings

SPECIAL NOTE ON ARIAL MAP BELOW: All the real estate below is either privately owned by mining companies or Govt BLM other than the little yellow rectangle (Fog Lode) which could be yours!

Update May 3, 2023: Link to Full DC Maiden Resource Announcement.

Before you begin, please read about recent gold discovery at Richmond Hill

Latest Richmond Hill Dakota Gold Update

Dakota Gold Press Release 6/26/2023

Dakota Gold November 2023 Update

The following picture is a screenshot from the most recent Dakota Gold Investor Dinner on May 9, 2022 and I’m showing the location of Fog Lode in Red Pen. Below that is the actual meeting. It’s an excellent video, but go to the 19 minute mark to hear more about Richmond Hill.

Recent News Richmond Hill Gold Discovery

Download Topographic Maps (PDF) of Local Area:

Richmond Hill and Fog Lode | War Eagle and Wharf | Lead | Savoy | Maurice

Read the 2023 In Gold We Trust report

My price is based on 2 previous properties that sold in the Trojan township. If remotely accurate, this property could produce over $160,000,000.+ in gold at the current price of $2k an oz.

  • After living on this property for over 17 years I can personally attest to the fact; this property is still a very highly desired remote recreation and VIP property for residential construction with unrestricted views to the north and south. All offers will be seriously considered.” – Scott Prentice

Download Latest Dakota Gold Press Release 2/23/2023

Map of Current Test Holes:

All offers are will be seriously considered. Price of Fog Lode is currently set to rise with the price of Gold, Silver and REE.

All offers can be submitted to:

Scott Prentice: ([email protected]) please text me first 605-580-5496 with Name and Offer.

Black Hills High Mountain Remote Property – 9 acres For SaleRemote black hills land

9.05 Acres

Sale Price $225,000.00 an acre

The Best Black Hills has to offer.

Welcome to the amazing and breathtaking Fog Lode of the Black Hills.  Here are some fantastic shots of this wonderful remote Black Hills property located at the head of Bridal Vale Falls found at the top of the Rubicon canyon. Known as The Rubicon.  “This is the place where you can sometimes hear nothing but the sound of falling snow.”

I’ve owned this property since the mid 90’s and have loved every square inch of it.   It’s located at the 6700′ elevation above sea level.  It’s just a zip and a hop (3.5 miles) via snowmobile to the highest ski resort east of the Rockies, Terry Peak. If you want to go gamble for the evening or eat like a king, head to Deadwood for the dinner, only a nine miles by motor vehicle or two and a half by sled.  This property is very secluded yet very accesable to Spearfish in 20 minutes, Rapid City in 55 minutes and Sturgis in 25 minutes.  

No picture can capture this wonderful property and no video can either, however there is this one I shot:

As an artist this was the perfect home for me and as a photographer this was AWESOME!  The hunting is off the charts as you would expect.  I’ve seen Elk, Mule deer, whitetail, turkey, coyote, peacock, grouse and prairie chickens. I shot thousands of shots with my camera, and walked many a mile on this property for 17 years. Side note: I completed The Stand at Mount Rushmore National Memorial while living here.  I sold my home in 2014 and kept the best piece of land for myself in hopes of coming back to stay.   I’ve now decided it’s time to sell and believe my property is the very best that the Black Hills has to offer.  Here’s why, in the 80’s I was a real estate broker and had the opportunity to look at a lot of land around the Black Hills.  When this property became available I couldn’t wait to make an offer and soon after I was calling it my home.  The views will leave you speechless. There is a view to the North that on a clear day you can see North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.  Then to the South in another fantastic view, you see Terry Peak  Ski Resort,  across the mountain ridge about 3.5 miles.

This is some of the best Snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, 4×4, exploring, gold panning, cross country ski, you name it! Hunting is necessary to keep all the game in balance and it is well fed and plentiful. 

Electric to the property – Yes. Believe me this is a big issue.  This was not cheap getting electric to your lot line.  This property secured electricity from Black Hills Power in approximately 2008.  The cost to come off a 60KW powerline into a substation was astronomical.  I don’t believe there will be more in the area, just based on the cost.  Last estimate I got back then was over $60k. To bring elec. So check that first if you are buying remote properties. So, to be clear, YES this property has Black Hills Power inside the lot.

Water-  This property does NOT have a well and one would be needed to be drilled unless you plan to haul your water from Lead, which some home owners do.  There are high producing well outputs in the area too.  

This is a link on the recent  gold discoveries.

This property has 1 or more glory holes on it.  It was set up specifically as a mineral survey.  You can build your home on it yes!  You can also dig for gold.  Or hold on to it till the speculators come knocking on your door.  Recent homes or smaller properties have sold in the Wharf area for 1.5 million for 1 – 2 acre lots.  I had two very good friends that this happened to.  One of them elected to move his house down the canyon… Whew!  that was crazy!  Anyway, I’ve been gathering some information on the potential Gold Value of this property.  The more I find the more surprised I become.
Surrounding Gold Value and Geological Survey 1974

Lat/Long. 44°24’14.9″N 103°50’28.9″W

44.404139, -103.841361

Legal Description: M. S. 1377 Fog Lode Parcel #26580-01377-000-00

Historical Documents on Fog Lode (Signed by, President Theodore Roosevelt)

Full background of the deep underground laboratory in Lead.  

It’s in Section: 11 Township 5 North Range 2 East (See Map Clip below)





Here is a map to get up to property:



This property is being listed here exclusively by the owner, Scott L. Prentice.


Please feel free to look around at my website. You will discover I was the creator of the glass carving “The Stand” at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.



NOTICE: (All trespassers will be reported to sheriff’s office. It’s just how it goes up here.) They love dealing with trespassers! Game Cameras are used for identity of all vehicles and personnel.