Jesse Welles is a rare or should I say very rare artist. I like to think of myself as a good visual artist, however I believe I have a gift to find and rate musical talents long before they become hits. Jesse Welles, I believe is one of these musical talents who will go off the charts for not only his voice, but writing and playing. Jesse is one of a million artist who will shake up the industry. His provocative writing and singing talents will not only get into your bones but into your mind.

The first time I heard Oliver Anthony with Rich Men North Of Richmond he didn’t have any followers to speak of but I knew he also was a Platinum artist. Look at him just a couple months after he went viral:

I was going to publish this to mark my keen sense of picking them, but within days of of hearing Oliver he busted out and went viral. So today, I’m making sure to Mark My Words, with Jesse Welles.

Today, June 8th 2024 Jesse has just short of 25k followers on YouTube.

Jesse at this time has three to four songs that are really fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Like me, you will probably want to listen to them again and again and share his exciting new voice and talent with others. He’s been around for at least six years but is just now getting attention.

Here is his song “Cancer”

Even as a MAGA Trump supporter I find His song Trump Trailer hilarious. Listen now:

Of course this isn’t the first song I heard that grabbed my attention, but was funny as they come. I love seeing artist enjoying what they do and that was surely a good one doing that.

It was this song that grabbed my attention:

Here is Jesse Welles full playlist

Here iis Oliver Anthony’s viral hit Rich Men North of Richmond: