When I was unable to find someone to design my website for my portfolio back in 1995, I never dreamed it would change me as an artist.  After I started researching how to do it myself, I fell in love with this new medium.  I literally found a new art form.

The web has truly became my palette to express my art.  I’ve been designing on the internet for over 25-30 years.  As a natural geek and techie this world changed my life.

 I became one of the top 50 blogs back in 2003 and started podcasting audio and video.  Designing in Flash was like the ultimate, until it’s demise around 2009 for security conserns.   I ended up designing a very powerful news portal that was designed to give the news back to the people.  Before I was in my 3rd year it was reaching 2 million views a month.

I’ve learned a lot over the course of the last 20+ years.  I still share a lot of that information with my clients today.  Yes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still an important aspect of website design and an integral part of communication too.   I’ve designed hundreds of websites over the course of my career, news, community portals, magazines, blogs, product, recipe cookbooks, you name it, I’ve worked on it.

The single most important aspect of web design that I can share is to make sure the client has full control of his website.   I, as a web designer, I AM NOT a webmaster, I hated that term.  I make sure you own, control and host your own site and domain.  I will instruct you on maintenance and control.  You will learn to keep your site up and running smoothly in a very quick way.  I have clients from coast to coast that I consult and assist in their website, SEO, design and marketing projects.

Please feel free to contact me for any assistance you might need. – Scott Prentice