Bill Gates ordered the President of the United States twice not to investigate the ill effects of his mRNA injections because he knew they killed and maimed people. He is responsible for millions of deaths, infertility and injuries around the world.

These are not my words.  Listen to the video.

I put the video in here because several people have have told me that he never said that. So again I put the video in here for a witness and a testimony.

I’m still the guy that says how in the h*** can Bill Gates fly around the world telling everybody to everybody to invest in a vaccine vaccine that wipes out viruses?  When he can’t and never has been able to stop the simplest of the simplest of viruses and is Microsoft platform.

I always believed that bill himself all himself had his fingers involved involved in making viruses.

I have no proof of that however however he has no business on selling vaccines for viruses to put into people when he can’t even manage a $200 computer.