Published on: Aug 25, 2021 

Hi, welcome to the largest conspiracy ever to fall on humanity..  I’m here to help explain..  My first piece of advice is to read down to the Emergency Update and watch video on middle of page,, then come back and start watching the videos at the bottom of this page. I will put a start here.

Hello, welcome to my recent journal page on Saving Humanity.  Seriously.  I can’t be frank enough.  This is not a joke.  I believe a major threat or blow has been struck on humanity.  Call it a mass dilution or some sort of sycosis. Whatever it is called this has our planet on a road to self destruction.

This page is for those who have been vaccinated and for those who haven’t.  The newest global divide.

I’m not saying this is the virus or the pandemic.  I’m talking about the vaccine.  And those who are pushing it’s full agenda, whether they know what that is or not.  This is not about who started this virus situation either.  Or who started us on the road to vaccines.  Even though I believe that needs to be settled also.

October 15, 2021 Emergency Update to this page: Please watch this Rumble video then come back.

I challenge each of you who have got this far into my Global Caveat Emptor.

This is about how to stop humanity from eliminating itself from the equation through some sort of deep psychological group think.  Is it at least possible that part of society that was specifically designed to protect society is actually killing it? 

Are either of these groups known by either of these marks?

Could it be that the very top of the pinnacle of safety systems our World Health Organization and those who now fall under it in authority are swiftly eliminating a part of society because they believe “We” humans are killing the whole earth or planet and need to be eliminated?

So, literally we have the AMA falling all over itself to push a WHO direct order to push the vaccine, which is actually the kill button on humanity, not the virus.  Hence, the name of this article, “Conspiracy!”  Below, you will find proof of my theory this has started and evidence is now showing up to support this theory.  (I’m not trying to claim credit for a theory, which in fact is the very opposite.)

I literally challenge you to watch as many links as possible.

Scientifically speaking (I’m not a scientist), if you have two Medical Doctors who differ in theory of care how do you decide what to do?

You have to decide vaccine or not?  

I’m thinking the answer or key is in “Authority” where they receive all knowledge. (Follow the $)

This article was started long before much of the world had even been vaccinated.  Now, if you discover you’ve made a horrible mistake, you now have to support those who didn’t make the same decision as you.  You may have to protect a NON VACCINATED PERSON.  You may have to do everything you can to protect the liberty and freedom of the person who didn’t make the same decision as you.  You may even be told this person is a threat to your health and safety and that you should stay away from them.  Matter of fact we may need to just eliminate those non compliant humans who don’t care about humanity may become the group think of this situation.  (This reverse logic sounds so good!)  This is the RED PILL that everyone is talking about.  Hidden right in front of you!

You see?  You thought you was taking the pill to save yourself and humanity.  But an evil group of people crept in who believe they are smarter than you and put a kill button in place to protect themselves from you.  They made the pill you just ate. 



Dr. Jane Ruby

BREAKING! International FOIA Requests are producing responses that confirm what we have ALL suspected for many months!

COVID-19 may be the biggest HOAX ever perpetuated on global citizens, cannot be located, has not been isolated, and may not EXIST! |

Here are some of the top PHD’s and Doctors in the world saying DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE:

Vaccine break throughs changing humanity forever? (Global Depopulation?) 9/15/2021 Update:

Reports are now coming in confirming the earlier posts. Listen to this important announcement:

9/16/21 – Doctors in Mississippi being coerced into pushing vaccine agenda or loose license.

9/16/21 – More doctors Joining growing movement of medical physicians and health care providers who are forming new movement of medical professionals.


Hope these videos help.   

There is now an alarming urgency now to get this information out to even those who have been vaccinated.   This became critical because of the Obimophia.

I really must say I wished I had started marking the dates that I posted these links below so you could see the progression in urgency grow to become and hold fast I’m not getting vaccinated. You have to start asking yourself some strong questions who do you trust this PhD or that PhD.

Nurse in Redding –


Important pre and post care links:

Both have list of doctors who prescribe Ivermectin.