Gonzalo Lira Killed in Ukraine – Must watch videos!!!

Gonzalo Lira was an American citizen who’s been tortured in a Ukrainian prison since July, for the crime of criticizing Zelensky and Biden. Biden officials

approve of this, because they’d like to apply the same standard here in the USA. The media agree. Here’s a statement from Gonzalo Lira’s father before his death: (Must watch Tucker Video after this video of Gonzalo Lira prior to his death.)

BREAKING: It is with great sadness I must announce that Gonzalo Lira

@GonzaloLira1968, passed away in a hospital according to his father, who has been fighting to get his son much-needed medical attention for the past weeks. Here is a hand-written note from Gonzalo which I received on January 4: “I have had double pneumonia (both lungs) as well as pneumothorax and a very severe case of edema (swelling of the body). All this started in mid-October, but was ignored by the prison. They only admitted I had pneumonia at a Dec. 22 hearing. I am about to have a procedure to reduce the edema pressure in my lungs, which is causing me extreme shortness of breath, to the point of passing out after minimal activity, or even just talking for 2 minutes.” “I cannot accept the way my son has died. He was tortured, extorted, incommunicado for 8 months and 11 days and the US Embassy did nothing to help my son. The responsibility of this tragedy is the dictator Zelensky with the concurrence of a senile American President, Joe Biden,” Gonzalo’s father wrote.

Here is a previous post I wrote in 2023 about Gonzalo Lira.

Here he predicts his capture.

I will forever miss his pauses “mmm..?”and his iconic orange hat.

Here is his YouTube channel

Gonzalo Lira Killed in Ukraine – Please pray for his family. May God help us all.