Recent Update and Video Link at Bottom to his Must Watch video interview.

8/5/23 Below: Daily Beast Reports and belittled Gonzalo Lira’s prize winning reporting from Ukraine.

– Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has arrested Gonzalo Lira—a dual citizen and blogger of the United States and Chile, who has been living in Kharkiv—on charges of producing pro-Russian propaganda. Lira, a prolific and controversial online personality, is accused of creating and disseminating materials that justify Putin’s armed aggression against Ukraine. He is facing the possibility of being imprisoned for five to eight years.

Update: Gonzalo Lira Reports Release under special conditions | We need to watch this closely and follow. | Will he be silenced?

Is the Ukraine silencing a journalist?

Putin released a convicted “Trans” drug criminal back to the USA, I wonder if the Ukraine will keep him safe? A US – Chile citizen, blogger and YouTube influencer, who claims that all information he has can be found on Wikipedia and other places if you “Google it!”, to paraphrase Lira.

Many Bloggers and Journalists are asking for prayers.

Lira has been posting things he is hearing and seeing online to share his personal insights and feelings of what is going on, in his view. But he always has said, look it up for yourself. Here is a video interview of a discussion with Zuby Radio.

Here is Gonzalo Lira YouTube Videos Page