5/10/2023 /// Prerecorded – Sarah Westall & Andy Schectman – Understanding the Coming World Economic Collapse

Sarah Westall hosts : De-Dollarization Worldwide, Bank Collapses, CBDCs, Crypto Takedown, & more w/ Andy Schectman

This is a very good explanation of what to expect in the coming days.

My research over the last few years says exactly what Andy is bringing to the table discussion.

There is no doubt that the gold market has been manipulated over the course of the past few years. Listen to why. Andy explains that very well. I’ve seen major manipulation of the gold market over the course of the last few months also.

This exponential effect is totally happening and you need to prepare. “Buy: Beans, Bullets or Bullion.” That’s a phrase my father Robert L. talked about way back in the 80’s. He also thought we would be speaking Chinese in our future. He couldn’t of probably been more right.

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Here is Sarah’s Website: (Which I normally don’t do) www.SarahWestall.com