6/23/2023///. As I’m dropping breadcrumbs, I would think most people have followed the same trail of breadcrumbs over the course of their lives as I have, but without a lot of inner soul searching we know that is totally an insane idea. All of humanity, the total 7-8 billion of us, are all on different paths of knowledge and truth. The following video and text are from 2017-2018 and follows the Committee of 300. If you are a just starting to awaken to this new paradym that many are trying to expose, the likes of BlazeTV, the War Room with Steve Bannon and others, I would encourage you to follow along.

I have always seemed to follow what I would consider a righteous path putting away the paths of darkness and evil. Now, I’m no saint that is for sure, I even ran from my Creator’s instructions and insight for a few years, myself. But, I succumbed to my own will and mostly His and returned to a promise I made to God as a young man, that if He showed me the truth, I would believe it and follow.

Now, on that road of following little prices of history, data, content in search for truth I’ve started to leave them on my server for others to follow. My greatest fears are that someday these crumbs will be eaten from the road or blown away.

This is my latest breadcrumb: (Watch Video at end.)

The British imperial rulers take pride in using guile and deception to get what they want, in spite of their lack of global military supremacy.  In the course of about 120 years of treachery and infiltration, they have gradually compromised our leaders and propagandized the public into cooperating with ambitions of renewed empire.

There are not many better public examples of British attempts at deception, than so-called “Russia-Gate”, the fake ‘Novichok’ street poisonings and a few other current British political concoctions.  Nearly all of the current attempts are aimed at sowing animosity between Russia and the US – either directly or through current British machinations in Syria.

Whereas the modern Russian Federation is a natural ally of the US, the British still fear the Russians for their geopolitical standing in the world – as a foil against their renewed attempt at empire.

Whoever controls the United States, indirectly controls the ocean-connected parts of the world.  This is because the US sits astride both great oceans of the world, and also connects them.  This allows the projection of economic and military power over the entire planet, with the exception of the Russian Federation and within China.

Therefore, Britain’s dependency on treachery and manipulation to maintain control over these ocean-connected areas, is the basic cause of much of the war, conflict and misery seen in the world today.

The next most logical video to watch if not first is The Committee of 300