June 16, 2024 /// Did you celebrate Flag Day two days ago? Did you even hear about it? Of course you didn’t. The Biden Administration or should I say Obama administration doesn’t want us to do anything patriotic anymore. Today, they’ve made it almost illegal to be a US Patriot. They’ve gone so far to even throw any US Patriot into what they now call us “Terrorists!”

Whether you are afraid , fearful, in disbelief or confused like most of us, because we can’t get our hands and heads around all of this, believe me when I say, they have a plan for us.

As a retired US Army Color Guard, NCOIC (Non Comissioned Officer In Charge) of our National Colors or Flag, I say to you, do not be surprised or offended if you see our Flag upside down this Independence day. Many of us US Patriots are flying the US Flag and many will be flying the US Flag upside down. This is a sign of Extreme Distress! Most importantly this is legal and by US Code, what we all can do.

Just 1 week after this Independence Day 2024, Our President will more than likely be imprisoned for bogus charges by a setup bias jury and judge. This will create, in just a few days away, one of the most critical junctions in American history. This is why many of us US Patriots are calling this “Extreme Distress!” What is coming next is unknown, but all roads lead too: Treason!

“This is Treason”, is a movie coming out that will explain the next steps for America!

It’s coming so plan and prepare.

You will discover the truth here:

We have to understand this is being set up as we either are in the know or burying our heads in the sand. This is happening. Many already have identified this as the Black Swan event.

Will President Trump Go To Jail? Listen as this legal scholar explains what is next. I will let you know in advance; my thoughts are exactly, Yes, the judge will do everything in his power to incarcerate Trump immediately for as long as possible.

Go here to learn more about the movie: www.ThisIsTreason.com