Bob Prentice (Mr. Attitude) recorded the following video just prior to his death on November 27, 2023 at the age of 65. Bob, my older brother, mentor and best friend lost his battle to melanoma cancer this last year. While visiting during his funeral I ran across this video on his website.

As a motivational speaker, business management consultant, leader, public speaker and life coach, Bob spent the majority of his life helping others including myself to succeed in life. Bob recorded 1000s of motivational and life management videos. This particular video was created for a virtual workshop for the North Dakota Association of the Blind.

I haven’t seen all of his videos he’s created, however I do believe this video totally represents the essence of his life’s work.

As a lasting memorial and dedication to his life’s work I would like to leave you this gift as a life changing strategy to become a better you. But before I do I’d like to give you a little background. Bob was my older brother and as kids and adults we had our differences and failing and fights. I can honestly say this was one of Bob’s strongest virtues to win a majority of our battles.

Prentice kids 1963-64 (From left to right) Me, Scotty (sitting) Tony (Back) Bobby (Front) and Sheryl (Right) Note: The trailer didn’t have its skirt put on, often we left it off because we moved so often.

We grew up in our early years moving from town to town living in a trailer in Wyoming, often moving multiple times a year, following the new construction of roads my father was helping to build as a trucker for Peter Kiewit, until we settled down on our family farm in 1968 in Carlos, MN. As an example, by the time I was in the second grade I believe I had gone to at least 12 different schools.

Here is a picture of Bob (on left) celebrating his 3rd birthday at our grandmother’s home in 1962. This might make more sense after you watch the video. (Life was hard!)

As a kicker I have also added a link to Bob’s Apple Podcast with micro podcasts that last only a couple minutes long each episode. The first one with my nephew is an absolute gas.

Bob’s obituary can be found on his website here at make sure you visit his media page for more engaging videos.

See Bob’s YouTube Channel for more:

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