Bob Prentice “Mr. Attitude” my brother, has recently been given horrible news. The unthinkable, “Stage IV”.  Nobody, wants to hear those words! However, Bob called me and said, He’s been given them by his doctors.  I can’t even fathom what’s going through his mind or his families minds.  Bob of course has what we all would expect a great “Attitude”, even with the worst news of his life.  Bob and Vicki are both in an unimaginable place, specially after losing their youngest son last year. 

I live a couple thousand miles away and can’t directly help or be with Bob and Vicki but have to do something at this time.  

It’s time we give Bob back some “Warm Fuzzies” 

Bob has helped hundreds of people throughout his career to succeed in their lives as a motivational speaker and a life coach.  Always putting others first to help them achieve their goals and dreams.  I know, because I’m one of those people, Bob has helped me time over time. It’s time we give Bob back some “Warm Fuzzies” 

You can and I recommend that you send care directly to Bob and Vicki right to their home:

Bob and Vicki Prentice
410 Wessington Street South
Wessington, SD  57381

Or please provide a quick and easy helping hand here for whatever needs they may have. Most importantly, Please keep them in your your prayers and thoughts. I apologize in advance if this reaches you before a personal message from Bob himself.  Bob is a very humble guy and I would think that he’s keeping this quiet and in prayer.  I even asked him if I could start a GoFundMe and he declined at this time. (This is GiveAHand).  So please hit him up for support with his personal address or at the two links I’ve shared.

I will personally guarantee Bob and Vicki receive everything as fast as possible.