As a 25 year news publisher and news content publisher, specializing in Search Engine Optimization, I’ve rated The Ronald as one of the best Content News Syndications online with ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

The Ronald was formed by angry American citizens who were sick of not having their voices heard, and fed up with news sites not publishing content that matters most.

Like myself who turned my whole site into a content management News site to put silenced voices into the search.

The information you receive from mainstream news sites and other aggregators is filtered through someone else’s agenda and corporate influence via Big Tech. The Ronald was designed as a new generation aggregation website. The Ronald was built to revolutionize how news is viewed and syndicated through it’s Readers. Readers interact with the content on this website, resulting in constant updates.

Readers can Up Vote their favorite stories like in this example:

A forum-style layout was merged with a news website to create this one-of-a-kind website.On The Ronald, you the reader posts what is important to you, then other readers will upvote what matters most to them. Using your vote, views, shares, comments, and reactions, our system creates three different lists for you; New, Hot, and Rising. These lists are constantly updated as trends change on the site. YOU affect the trends with your interaction.

To get started, you need to first create an account with us. In less than a minute, you can complete the simple 3 step process. You are now on your way to creating content and showing Americans what really matters. The story information is automatically retrieved from the link you post when you utilize our easy-to-use submission system. Creating a new story takes less than 10 seconds! It’s as simple as finding a link and pasting it into the “link” box and clicking submit then it’s live on The Ronald’s front page within seconds. In addition to links, you can post videos from any site like Rumble or YouTube, or upload them directly to The Ronald like this:

Additionally, you can embed a social media post or upload images/memes.In order to build a reputation, you can earn MAGA Points through a point-based reward system. The more MAGA points you earn, the higher your rank becomes when you reach predetermined milestones. As a result, you will be able to determine who is the most active members, like me who now has become ranked in the top 40 as a Chief of Staff.

Those who are active on the site can compete on a leaderboard to earn ultimate MAGA bragging rights.Signing up for The Ronald gives you access to your profile, where you can interact with other members. Your wall displays all the posts you have made on-site, and you can send friend requests and private messages. It’s time to dump the old stack-style aggregator news sites and transition to the future where you control news, it’s time to have your voices be heard.

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