Excellent deep dive!

If you are looking for a company to short sale look no further than Blackrock. Target, Bud Light, Disney, they are already going down and fast I might add. When everyone starts to figure out who really is pushing the buttons, that’s when the tower starts to fall.

Do you think or better yet does Blackrock think they are to big to fall?

“Hold my beer, I’m going to grab a handful of small stones!”

When Target started letting Trans in their bathrooms a few years ago, I never went back. When Bud Light went Woke, I knew they would go broke. This downward spiral of failed corporations is TRULY because of evil people. Period! Not conservative mama bears, nor preppy frat boys. This is pulling on the hearts of the ❤️ land of the good ol’USA 🇺🇲 And for the most part the purse strings to the credit card.

Target, Bud Light and Disney will never recover from their ways. Take that to the bank. How do I know? I believe in God first and know of a great story about a young shepherd named David who took down Goliath.

Now Chick-Fil-A “You won’t believe this, but it’s true: