Paypal shut down its new crypto and Bitcoin wallet.

As of this morning, 11/26/2022. Paypal has removed the links on its app and online site to purchase crypto and other Bitcoin.

I was planning on purchasing some this morning and out of nowhere it was gone.  Zip! Caput!

I decided to share this story to find out if my hunch was right.  I believe they where using tokens, instead of real crypto.  It was becoming an unregulated exchange just like FTX.

I don’t know for sure, however that would explain the quick shut down. What else would explain this paypal shutdown of crypto?

The FTX situation or tsunami hasn’t even hit land fall yet.  Sam Bankman Fried is still playing warcraft in the Bahamas.

Paypal shut down its new crypto and Bitcoin wallet is the first sign of a larger problem that is about to hit mainland.  Currently it’s only talk and speculation, however that multi-billion dollar ripple in the crypto world will soon hit land with a tidalwave of destruction.