Breaking! Audio from RALAND J BRUNSON – SCOTUS

This is straight from the horses mouth.

Juan O Savin actually broke this story. Video below.  I think this is our last and best shot. If not, the life of all humanity lies in the hands of VP Harris.

I’m calling this page “The Great Hope”

Update: This page is going viral. 500 visits an hour.  You will see why after you listen to video.  People are sharing this and I kindly ask you to do the same. I’m only the messenger.

Here is where to start:

Confirmation links below:

Audio available from Ranold J Brunson

Here is actual case on the docket at Supreme Court

Now send a letter to Update the Supreme Court with your support.

1. Get 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, 2 pieces of paper.

2. On each piece of paper write attention to the “9 Supreme Court Justices”. Express support of Brunson vs Alma S Adams et al, No.: 22-380. Sign your name and date it. You can write more. It’s that simple.

Here’s a link to a template letter to personalize/print:

3. You now have either 2 handwritten copies or 2 printed copies.

4. One copy goes into a stamped envelope addressed to: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.

5. One copy goes into a stamped envelope addressed to: Loy & Raland Brunson, 4287 South Harrison Blvd., Apt. 132, Ogden, Utah 84403. They’re counting your letters! *Add $1 dollar to say thanks.

6. URGENT, the case is slated for JANUARY 6th. Mail your letters!

7. Share with friends & family.

Once again! Thank you for visiting 😊 Please share this page so others have hope!