Venice, FL ||| Oct 1, 2022 – Things are a little worrisome.

1.  Banks have no cash.  I went to Chase and you could make a deposit, but couldn’t get cash.

2. You need cash to buy gas.  If you can find gas.  Most stations aren’t open, don’t have power or only accept cash.

3.  There are many many many stop lights out of order so traffic is backing up miles to go just 1/2 mile.

4. No gas – peoples food starts to spoil.  People are out of ice.  Lines are very long for ice.

I’m asking for nothing more than prayers for everyone down here.

5. There is no cell sevice for many providers.  T-mobile is working.

6. There is no internet for many homes.

8. It really is like a combat zone down here.

Just pray!

Friends and family where rescued from North Port yesterday because the river backflowed from a damn burst.  ( Blessings!)

They are expecting any day!