How do you set up a page to be click bait? That is the question. What is click bait?

Click bate is an image or embedded text phrase or word in a link that creates or better yet fulfills a hidden desire to click.  Often click bait links are nothing but bait, like in fishing.  They are not worth landing on or catching.  They were correctly (created) or loaded to get you to click!

This page is being created for, “What is click bait.” A phrase used for years in the SEO community.

Search engine optimization is used to drive traffic to a page and often uses click bait to initiate the drive.

Click bait can use things that traditional media uses in headlines words images images and phrases.. Click bait can use things that are going on at the current time, points of interest, people, Diana, Diana princess, things like that.

Click bait can be things that are attractive diamonds, gold,  or just pretty flowers.

Today I’m gonna use this pretty flower that I shot with my 35 mm Nikon.

Click Bait
Click Bait