How Gold Is Made // This is a great story on how Gold is made. As a land owner of a Mineral Survey which has been a part of one of the largest gold discoveries in the United States, it often has led me to wonder how this shiny stuff is made. When I bought Fog Lode, gold was valued around $350.00 an ounce. At that time it cost almost $360.00 an Oz to mine it out of the ground, therefore it wasn’t feasible to mine it any longer. Now that gold has risen to all time highs in value of $2400 an Oz, once again there has been created a new gold rush and companies are working to mine gold. Dakota Gold or DC on the NYSE is my neighbor on the Richmond Hill mine is now reviving Homestake and Barrick Gold Properties to retrieve this precious metal.

In their most recent test holes they are discovering tons of new out crops of gold. Test holes all around Fog Lode are showing very promising lodes of Gold, Silver and and REE (Rare Earth Minerals) all of which are escalating in price because of their rareness and need in different industries and metals markets.

In this video we discover the real precious method of creation of gold.

Based on my research of other properties in the region Fog Lode could have as much as $160 million dollars of gold and silver below it’s surface.

To learn more about Fog Lode and Dakota Gold and what’s developing on Richmond Hill please follow this link: Richmond Hill Gold Disovery.