Thinking of investing in gold property? This is your chance to own an actual piece of real estate that was once included in the original Richmond Hill mine boundary.

Back in the early 2000s I purchase 49 acres in the original LAC Minerals, Richmond Hill gold mine boundary which was later removed because they didn’t renew their lease with the original owners and I purchased it. I then preceeded to build my home which I’ve sold with the two other mineral surveys.

I held onto the Fog Lode Mineral Survey (9 acres) which is still included in what is known as the Carbonate Mining District.

This is one of the most beautiful properties to build a luxury log cabin or mining era style residential home that are becoming a thing in the area.

Richmond Hill is owned by Dakota Gold (DC NYSE) and they have announced a 2 million ounce Maiden Resource mining project on Richmond Hill. After drilling numberous test holes they have successful proven they have found remains of the Homestake drift that literaly almost comes to the surface or just under it.

This property, Fog Lode is at the top of Rubicon gulch and prime to be one of the prime lodes. It has excellent access through Richmond Hill mine and has electric to the lot line.

With gold reaching all time highs approaching $2500 an oz, and forcast over $6000 in near future, this is going to be a very valuable piece of real estate.

I’m ccurrently looking for investors in this property and will look at all offers. For more information on Fog Lode.