Stucco Repair – Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Englewood

I received a text from a customer to fix a stucco issue.

As a professional handyman we are asked to fix a wide range of home and commercial problems. Fixing the problem is or should be our first concern but identifying the cause, should also be addressed.

In Florida, stucco is one of the main substraits for an exterior coating because of its excellent resistance to rot, rodents and pests, and elemental decay. Coming from the far north region of the USA, we often don’t see stucco being used. I believe this may because of freezing temperatures, however the industry is changing that with different types of products and applications.

My main focus on this article is to actually announce to locals that I am available to repair their stucco. I can work on cracks, chips, and other problems; as well as help them identify if they have any underlying issues that may be causing any current or future problems.

The current project I’m working on is repairing a corner of the house where the stucco had broken off.

This first photo actually shows where I’ve pealed back most of the cracked and loose damaged material to expose the actual block wall and concrete. As you can see even some of the rebar going down into the footings is exposed. So, this is more than just stucco Repair.

So I’ve chose a specialty product (MasterEmaco N425) made specifically to be used for excellent adhesion to existing vertical concrete. I was able to clear out around the existing rebar to allow my new concrete to grab and continue to provide linear and vertical support to the corner and wall to provide a good base for a stucco coating. As you may be able to see I also scored the concrete repair so the stucco has better adhesion to the new concrete repair.

Then I laid on a base coat know as the brown coat of stucco.

This first coat is used to help bring back the original wall geometric form and shape for the corner.

I then came back after this brown coat stucco has dried to apply a skim coat that allows me to focus on a more perfected corner and conform to styling in existing stucco. As you may notice I also fixed some additional cracks in the customers adjoining wall.

The skim coat dried and probably could have added another to repair slight wavy effect on finish coat, however the owner thought it looked great. A put on a complementary primer coat of stain block and called it “Good”.

Now, to finalize this project all I have to do is inform the client my logic to the cause. I believe that since the gutters where installed incorrectly on this corner of the house or removed (Notice on picture below) that this particular corner is being flooded with water. This is leading to base under the foundation to wash away and settle in this corner and may continue until a proper rain gutter is affixed to this corner. I’m not sure why it is completely missing 4′ of gutter.

For all your stucco repairs, cracks or other issues you need repaired, please give me a call.