04/003/2024 12:07 am /// Venice, FL – Gold Hits $2300.00

I can’t actually say what’s actually going on in the markets, however the S&P and Dow Jones fell as oil or crude per barrel cranked way up today as the dollar fell. All of this had big effects, but not to move Silver and Gold this quick.

I follow these two metals pretty close and haven’t seen them move this high this fast in two years. Bitcoin was crashing pretty hard also. I have a feeling this is going to continue on into today, Wednesday.

I believe we are starting to see the effects of hyper inflation.

This hhas been forcastedforover a year by the economists that I follow. I actually thought this level would have been here in Dec of 2023.

Watching silver piggy back with gold today was or is almost unheard of.

I will be watching this very closely all day.