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Over 1000 Scientific Studies Prove That the C-19 Jabs Are Dangerous and Deadly

Data from Around World Proving the C-19 “Vaccines” are Dangerous and Deadly

Over 1000 Peer Reviewed Articles Which Show That C-19 “Vaccines” are harmful

Excess Mortality Project

Reports of COVID-19 “vaccine” injuries and deaths from the CDC as of Dec 2023:

36,986 COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths

1,621,120 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports

VAERS only captures 1% to 10% of the actual injuries and deaths?

BOOK: Pfizer Report—clinical trial data Pfizer wanted to hide for 75 years

BOOK: Cause Unknown

BOOK: COVID-19 and the Global Predators (DRAFT)

BOOK: The Worldwide Corona Crisis: Global Coup d’État Against Humanity

10 Insightful Documentaries

11 The Great Awakening – Plandemic Documentaries

12 96 Documentaries That Prove COVID Fraud

13 Summary of Everything and Quick Links (Sasha Latypova)

14 The COVID Pandemic and the mRNA Vaccine: What Is the Truth? (NIH Article)

15 Totality of Evidence (excellent aggregator site)

16 The Great Reset

17 Pfizer call from hell!

18 Catherine Austin Fitts on the financial component of the plandemic/Great Reset

19 Spartacus Letter

20 The Liberator—massive collection of crazy (?) red-pill information

21 100 free “wake up” movies!

22 Corey Digs files—more red pill information

23 expanded links page (download)