On our recent trip back to the Great Plains Buffalo Ranch Andrea was down on the main catwalk in the buffalo shoot. We loaded 55 head of buffalo. This wasn’t my first load, so I decided to get some shots. Here we are loading 55 young buffalo.

I love this shot of Viggo Jerde

Our trip west after my brother’s Celebration of Life farewell has been a real roller coaster of emotions. The trip in general is always good for my mind, body and spirit. This one I feel richly blessed. This beautiful space on our planet at the end of Zeona Road has been such a life saver.

Andrea loading buffalo calves.

Fuzzy pigs?

I have to mention I got to help with putting up 13 miles of electric barbwire fence. Even though it was only the last mile.

This is Jonas from Norway. He was the young man we bunked with @ UCross. Very interesting young man.

Enjoying the talented Zeona Road:

Andrea has also shot her first ringneck pheasant.

The highlight of our getaway is spending time with the Jerde family. My buddy “Papa” Phil, sista Jill and their beautiful family; Quilla, Viggo, Jesse, Jack, Hannah, Payton, Emmy, and Jaz. We missed JD and his new bride Jess, Eva, and Bo.

I got to hear Eva’s new single: Gimlins

This is Zeona Road