I learned a very valuable economic principle in 2nd grade that I still don’t see being taught today.

This principle is simply that all money was converted to currency early on because it was to difficult to transfer your property from one place (where you are at) to where you are going. So a person would for example; would sell his 100 head of cattle (where he is at) in exchange for a bean, bag of beans also known as the first bartered currency. Then when he arrived at his new location he would give his bag of beans to someone where he arrived and he would then buy a new set of 100 head of cattle. This was the very first currency, then later developed into currencies of similar vale like gold or silver. That was the very first purpose of money. It first started with a smaller exchange of something of value like silver then even a smaller exchange like gold for larger purchases. In my history study this exchange turned to paper in China first. This video below brings that same monetary theory standard to today and what is projected to happen as today’s currencies (Fiat) fail and we return to money (Gold and Silver).

I will try to embed this video but until then here is the link. For what ever reason, this video will not embed. I’ve tried several times.