Spearfish Canyon Overlook is one of the most breath taking views in the entire Black Hills of South Dakota.

Let me explain how I came to discovering this wonderful state treasure. First I have to tell you what you are seeing below in the video. That is the beautiful Spearfish Falls that flows down the canyon to Spearfish, South Dakota. Your actually overlooking Savoy Canyon Resort.

It literally took me eight years to find this exact spot that I’m standing on to shoot this video. Yes, eight years, of driving and exploring. This was long before Google Maps or even good hard to find maps of the area.

So I moved up to this area in 1998 and knew that there had to be some sort of an access point to the canyon rim that you could see from down below. So every weekend or so sometimes once a month I’d take a journey in my little Geo tracker and boy I could tell you a story about that vehicle I actually owned five of them over the course of 18 years That was one of my favorite exploration vehicles cuz it could really take a beating and it could get me everywhere and it just handled the obstacles of the Black Hills Extremely well and I didn’t have to worry so much about damage because I could buy these vehicles anywhere from $200 to $1,200 a piece So I started my journey of finding this Canyon rim overlook.

Following winding roads and trails often that led to nowhere sometimes to open clearings and just dead ends. But I kept on searching and exploring week after week and year after year. Sometimes I would start out on a brand new turn off then one day I changed my perspective on exactly how I would get to this rim and followed a different pathway and located a kind of a hidden entrance behind one of the big gold mining companies Wharf mine. Then after a few backtracks and a couple redirects I finally came upon this wonderful overlook.

That truly is the special benefit to living in a remote high mountain location next to the Spearfish Canyon rim. If you would like more information about purchasing property in this area boy do I have a deal for you. Please follow this link to learn about owning gold mining property or residential property for sale in the Spearfish rim district.

Now enjoy the view: