This conspiracy theory is starting to gain traction and attention. (Breaking! |||| This story is now trending on The Top Ten #50)

Red states may have been a target for depopulation. This is not the first time I’ve heard or seen this information, so I thought I better pass this on. I know it sounds as crazy as the Clinton Kill list, but I don’t personally put it past anything the Marxist Liberals would do. We know people are falling over dead from the vaccine and it has now been proven that the COVID vaccine is causing miocarditis and many other health conditions, so why wouldn’t it be possible that those in the know, would actually try to take advantage of this.

I admit I’m a conspiracy theorist, however many of what use to be almost laughable conspiracy theories are now being proven right. This particular theory has a very high probability to me.

CDC confirms that majority of fatal COVID vaccines were sent to red states.

This is serious people!

Someone needs to take action and start an official investigation.

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