Greeting Visitors, Family and Friends; Welcome to my site This article and two part video presentation maybe the most important article to date that I’ve posted. First and foremost Scott Ritter is someone who I trust and admire for his courage under fire and his ability to dig deep. I’ve also dug deep, prior to the release of this in-depth documentary, “Agent Zelenski”.

Hosting Notes: Since the beginning of 2020 I’ve noticed intense content censorship on various sites and that is why I double if not triple post from various streaming services and often make recordings and host on my own servers also.

The major reason I’m posting this video series is my personal response to all the visual support I see Americans giving Ukraine and it’s leadership without understanding exactly who they are. My own research leads me to the exact same place that Scott Ritter is documenting. I may add additional commentary and documentation at the end of this 2 part series. Please Share this after you have watched both parts. This maybe the only hope we have to shut down the total destruction of Ukraine and possibly the world. The United States under Joe Biden has already spent almost 1/4 Trillion dollars on the War in Ukraine. Help Stop the Insanity.

Agent Zelenski – Part 1 (YouTube Servers):

Agent Zelenski – Part 1 (Rumble Servers)

Agent Zelenski – Part 2 (YouTube Servers)

Agent Zelenski – Part 2 (Rumble Servers)

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