One lucky man in Kentucky found over 700 rare US gold coins buried in a cornfield in Kentucky.

The huge treasure haul has been estimated to be worth close to $2 million.

Most of the gold coins were dated from 1840-1862 and some of the most notable coins discovered in the haul were $1 Gold Indians, $10 Gold Liberties and $20 Gold Liberties.

The man and the location of where the gold coins were found have not been disclosed to the public due to privacy concerns, but a video of the discovery was released by the US Mint.

Many historians are speculating the gold coins were buried by a wealthy Kentuckian who was worried about Confederate troops advancing during the Civil War

According to Numismatic Guaranty in Company, the organization that certified the coins, the collection includes a group of extremely rare 1863 Double Eagles and hundreds of U.S. gold dollars dated from 1850 to 1862.

Some of the rarest coins in the collection are eighteen 1863-P $20 Gold Liberty coins, which according to GovMint. “can command “a six-figure price

“This is the most insane thing ever,” the man who discovered the coins said in a video shared by GovMint. “Those are all $1 gold coins, $20 gold coins, $10 gold coins.”

“This is not fucking real,” he added.