6/5/2023 /// We Are In A Pivotal Moment Of Western Civilization

Quoting, James Lindsay while speaking to European Parliament, “We Are In A Pivotal Moment Of Western Civilization”, I believe this maybe exactly where we are at.

I’ve literally, spent the better part of the last two years trying to get my arms around what was happening around me. I’ve published over 400 articles highlighting it all. I’ve pretty much set aside my life, art, photography and even work to journal what leads up to this moment. Today, it seems most of those stories point to this moment. How we move forward together as humans will determine which way we go.

Today, Americans and European’s are now thrust or pushed into a “Woke” culture of mental illness, which was extremely well exposed in Matt Walsh’s new hit film, “What Is A Woman?“.

With people all around me asking, “Why would these large corporations commit financial suicide?” Target, Budweiser, Disney, literally all major corporations to include Apple are being socially forced to succumb to Woke Ideologies under the ESG banner that BlackRock is pushing onto the corporate world. With that said, many are also freely walking into this battle because they already flipped voluntarily because they believe in these Marxist ideals.

I literally thought for a while I was the only one seeing this happen? Before tonight, I was literally under the impression I was all alone. I had somehow miraculously been protected from this huge communist plot to take over the world through a dictatorship.

I believed I was all alone watching our country basically implode. Big Tech was silencing anyone who disagreed with them, COVID vaccines mandated worldwide, Budweiser and their crazy self inflicted spiral downward, BlackRock appearing to spearhead all the economic controls on all of them.

Then I read this Epoch Times article, which explained exactly what I was witnessing in the financial fiduciary relationships being betrayed at the highest levels of securities and exchanges, our country is being completely infiltrated and taken over; medical, media, government, finance, power, communications and voting, everything. This article really set up my conscious mind to know I wasn’t alone.

Then I watched this awesome video of James Lindsay: ( I can’t encourage you enough to listen to it in its entirety.)

Confirming my highest suspicions, I ran across this new film: 📌Plandemic 3 – The Great Awakening (This is a must watch for all Americans, whether you are vaccinated or not.)