When people continue to drink Bud Light they unknownly admit they don’t care about freedom and they are becoming part of the problem by allowing Socialists Marxist to control their lives. This is called stakeholder capitalism or fascism also known as ESG (not shareholder capitalism or free enterprise). They allow governments or culture to dictate their lives. Today, it’s only one can, one influencer, one campaign. Tomorrow it will be all cans and all people.


Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock is poster child of Stakeholder Capitalism story.

Imagine if you will, its 2035 and you own your own business and you are forced to purchase certain products or advertise a certain way and it goes completely against everything you believe or care about. You discover quickly it even offends your clients and they refuse to purchase from you. That one move could put you out of business at the cost of allowing stakeholder capitalism. You see your neglect or lack of caring actually will cause damage to you sooner or later. Listen to this 60 second video about ESG.

What if nobody cared what Budweiser did? Well today at least, enough freedom speaking America’s or freedom drinking America’s said No! They put down their Bud Lights and said “No More!” That rift sent an 8 billion dollar (plus) deficit to the board of directors and is growing. Will it hold and was it powerful enough to send a message to other woke corporations? Only time will tell.

From my perspective, a true American Patriot will see their mistakes and be ready to send an even more powerful boycott then this first shot sent across the bow of Anheuser-Busch or prepare to lose your favorite products to new cultural norms and accept things like Transgenders teaching your children or driving your pickup with a rainbow on the tailgate.

It’s still not to late, to to join this growing movement and stop buying Bud Light and all Anheuser-Busch products:

This is a war against the minds of people and humanity. If you think differently, you better study more about the communist manifesto and learn to sacrifice some of your favorite products and service to the fight of freedom. This battle has only just started and they are not going to roll over and play dead.

I’m not a big supporter of Kevin Oleary, however he pegs it on only Shareholders controlling the narrative of a product and not open community (Influencers).

Some of my lasting boycotts:- Target – Starbucks – NFL – Ford – Levi – Nike

This is only a small but important part of what is happening around the world. Please take the time to understand the larger world view.