Is there white privilege in the United States ?


Are there white people that have more privileges? Yes, However it’s not because of their color..  I can honestly say that I know there are blacks more privileged than me.

I think money has a lot to do with what people say or believe privilege is in their definition.  For example for example I know,  There are places and things to go do and see see that I can’t go do and see I’m stopped literally in my tracks like a hard gate closing me off from doing those things because I do not have enough money. Now you can call that privilege or you can call that access. I think  Both of these terms Are probably correct in their definition however however the access is probably more craft. The person that has more money and I was able to do that he was no more privileged than I was to go work and achieve that money or gain that money then I was.. Maybe I just didn’t work as hard as that individual on making money to go do one of those things.. Or maybe I spent my money on something else. But I can definitely say that the person with more money that has the option now to do something that I can’t do because of my lack of money, Has nothing to do with race were being privileged because of their race.

The logic presented in this next video is exactly how I would phrase it to you.

Americans are privileged.  My Point: