Is it practical to go all electric by the year 2035?

Simple Answet: No!


The technical answer for this is really just as simple as the no, comma you have to do a little multiplication but simply put just use your mind.. For example for example there’s  425 million people in America approximately. And since we’re like a 2 car household you know we could have 300 million cars in the United States. Now imagine trying to come up with 300 million new cars do cars with electric batteries. We don’t have enough power on the grid we wouldn’t have enough coal to put into the power on the grid.  This administration and the world as far as that goes, have it completely upside down on the appropriate way to stop greenhouse gasses.

The Biden administration are absolutely insane  on everything that they’ve done since they took office.  The liberal left including the whole state of California are completely off the planet on converting to electric.  This is a money grab and that is all.