Black Hills Lots For Sale

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Living in the Black Hills for most of my life, I’ve got to see a lot of the Black Hills.  One thing that I learned in all of those years is that there’s a lot of land in the Black Hills and that leaves a lot of lots.

So one of the most important things that I’ve seen when buying property, acreage or lots is that you make sure that it has electricity to the lot line. Secondly and maybe most important is that you have good and clear access unrestricted.

Some property in the Black Hills can be restricted  certain times of the year. It might be restricted because of water flow or snow also might hinder your access. A steep incline too steep to get down or up on the property because of ice. So my caveat is look very carefully and make sure that these top priorities are taking care of 1st.

This is one of the best property with views looking North towards North Dakota and South towards Terry Peak in the Black Hills:

Views are Spectacular

9 Acre High Mountain Secluded Lot For Sale
Black Hills Lot For Sale
STAR – Marks the Spot – 9 Acre Black Hills Secluded Lot For Sale