Wow, talk about a remnant. I found this little tiny sprite of audio on Wayback Machine.  This is a Podcast that I started doing back in 2004 or 2005 . This was an exciting Podcast I did one show once a week. This was the early days of podcasting And black became a very strong Podcast.  I did everything right I set up all of the Podcast links and the little the little mechanisms that you would have to do to make a Podcast successful in their word successful and there were hundreds if not thousands of little things that you could do out on the Internet to get your Podcast syndicated and they were like getting it into iTunes and all kinds of exciting little gimmicks I did them all I researched and I didn’t miss any. These were really exciting times of Internet of Internet there was no YouTube really to speak of. Anyway black hills TV at 1 point I’ve seen was in the rankings nationally internationally internationally in in 50th place.

We had listeners and people contact us from Russia and from all over the world. We had a really good time. Simply put we had a really fun time doing this show and I always dreamed that it could have been more and I shouldn’t just stuck it out, I really should have..

 Anyway here’s a link to one of the shows that I found online