YES, WOW TO THE POWER OF THREE! I say this because as you listen to this show you will instinctively say wow at least three times if not more.

Judy Mikovits Shocks The World: Most Damning Covid Evidence Bombshell The World Has Seen


This is the most damning Covid evidence Bombshell the World has ever seen.

WORLDWIDE – As of June 1, 2022 Population: 7,953,952,577 (8 Billion)

Cases: 529,698,736 = 6.659566% of the Population.

Deaths: 6,292,503 = 0.079112% of the Population. <<<<< It was Never a Threat. Healthy, Alive and Enslaved: 99.920888% of the Population.

PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION UNAFFECTED Cases: 7,953,952,577 – 529,698,736 = 7,424,253,841 (93.340433% of the Population is Healthy)

Deaths: 7,953,952,577 – 6,292,503 = 7,947,660,074 (99.920888% of the Population is Alive) SURVIVABILITY INVALIDATES NEED FOR EXPERIMENTAL mRNA INJECTIONS

Survivability: 529,698,736 – 6,292,503 = 523,406,233 (98.812060% have Survived) POPULATION INJECTED WITH EXPERIMENTAL mRNA “Fully Vaccinated”: 4,734,341,787 = 59.521875% of the Population.

Anthony Abaddon Radovcic Anno Domini 2022, June 1 Exposing Covid-19 (PDF) SOURCES Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Johns-Hopkins University (JHU) World Health Organization (WHO)