7/7/2023 /// Venice, FL – You can say I have personal invested interest in this story. First clue: As a resident of Florida, I’m standing below this sign over 3 years ago while on vacation, here on Cudjoe Key, Florida. I had to take a snap shot then because I knew we would start seeing the signs of out of control Genetic Modifications.

I’m also the founder and executive director of BioChecked™ an independent third party certification company for Non-GMO and Non Glyphosate in food and non food products.

Before I get into this story, I think you have to put Bill Gates history into perspective. As founder of Microsoft and Windows operating systems which through it’s history has been plagued with system viruses and glitches how can you expect this man who’s father was also the early founder of eugenics through Planned Parenthood, to be able to stop viruses in humans or animals?

Now, here we are today, three years later:

Where ever Gates has released his “genetically modified” mosquitoes, outbreaks of Malaria are now seen. Don’t worry though, because Gates has everyone covered with his new mRNA tech Malaria vaccine.
So much more toxic to the system than any non-mRNA vaccine. mRNA shuts off the immune system so cancer cells can grow at turbo speeds, hence why you see so many people get an mRNA jab and soon after get cancer or many other illnesses to include sudden death.

Very important to note here:
Malaria is caused by a parasite. It’s not a virus.

The Malaria causing parasite gets picked up by a mosquito and lives & reproduces in its gut. When the mosquito bites a living being, the parasites are transferred from its gut into the new host.
A strong antiparasitic treatment (pills) will usually clear the infestation from the body. No jabs are safe. Ever.

The following are screen shots I took very quickly after searching for connections to Bill Gates: