I personally boycotted this manufacture a long time ago, but if you are looking for another good reason to boycott Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream, I give you this viral video:

Reason to boycott Ben and Jerry’s

Update: 07/06/22

Good Job Patriots!

My original story continues:

The lunatic left are out in full. This company thinks you and I are on stolen property. Maybe they need to see or read the Louisiana Purchase agreement. My history says if Napoleon would of kept what we purchased, that he would of anialated the natives. So from my perspective, we saved natives from certain death.

Anyway, I don’t think someone who has corporate headquarters on US soil should be spouting off with cheesey liberal talking points when their products are sold via supermarkets all over the USA on soil that they are referring to.

Prof. Joel M. Petlin nails itby saying, “Speaking of stolen land, the Abenaki Nation would like to have a word with Ben and Jerry’s about the land under their headquarters that they are occupying in Vermont.”

Ben and Jerry’s needs to shut the f*** up!

Such racial division launguage is not helping heal an already shaky society. I hope who ever said this at Ben and Jerry’s is immediately fired.

Ben & Jerry’s, is an American company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. Founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, the company went from a single ice cream parlor to a multi-national brand over the course of few decades. It was sold in 2000 to the multinational conglomerate Unilever but operates as an independent subsidiary. Its present-day headquarters is in South Burlington, Vermont, with its factory in Waterbury, Vermont.