April 17, 2023 // Today, a truly wonderful man has passed on to meet our Lord and Savior and to be with his wonderful, and lovely bride. Myron was this awesome guy who knew great kindness, love and just was an awesome guy. I got to know both him and his late wife through his son and and large family on the Jerde ranch in Northwestern South Dakota.

After his wife (Marilyn) passed a few years ago, Myron moved back to the family ranch.

Hallmark Memories:

Andrea and I stayed upstairs of the home he was living in on the ranch and I can’t forget his late nite praises to the Lord. After we would go to bed upstairs, we could hear him softly singing praises to heaven above. I never could hear the words he sang just this soft gentle beautiful rhythmic voice praising life and love. It reminded me of an angel at the thrown of God singing praises in the most beautiful prayers. I will never forget that. In those moments he taught me the true meaning of a prayer closet, from the heart and his way of praising our Lord, in those few days we shared with him.

Myron was 92 years old and was still involved with ranching, driving truck for fuel deliveries and just the lighter side of ranching; being the families ranch hand and the great grand dad he’d become. Always with a wonderful smile! He had just an incredible ability to brighten the day where ever and when ever he showed up.

Not only was he a lifelong rancher but he was a MD also. I remember when his grandson Payton and I where up on a neighbors house helping remove shingles and Payton blew his shoulder out of joint. I got Payton down off the roof and drove him back to the ranch. We are 3 hours away from a hospital. The whole time I was trusting Myron to know what to do. Payton was beside himself at this point but holding it together. We are are back at the ranch house and Myron wasn’t there yet. Everyone was wondering how to stabilize Payton and the immense pain he was suffering.

We decided to lay Payton on the kitchen table. Then our rescue MD walked in the door. “Myron, what do we do?” And he calmly stated, “I’m a general practitioner not an ortho doctor, Google it!” Which we did. We ended up getting it set! But it was this calm gentle man’s spirit that brought courage to all of us in that moment. Payton was instantly relieved of his pain. With great thanks to Payton sister Emmy actually doing what we learned in an online video, while the rest of held Payton down on the table.

Long before I got to know Myron personally, he was one of my lead commenters on my Facebook post’s. Myron always had a smooth way of sharing his conservative views and American Patriotism with me and others. He had true American blood. He shared his strong conservative values and his faith fearlessly.

Myron you will always be in our hearts! And, I will never forget your beautiful singing and praises.

My dedication to Dr./Rancher O. Myron Jerde:

Upon arrival, I imagine:

I imagine Myron and Marilyn:

Here the angles entertain them:

Moving on to a heavenly ranch:

As Myron retires his work gloves and jacket and hangs his hat for the last time, he has arrived to this point in his earthly journey and enters his new journey of everlasting life which has just begun: “The finish line.”

Cheers! My good friend!

“You will always be here in the spirit through all these wonderful people you helped bring into this world, until then, we will meet again.

Myron’s obituary can be seen here:

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