You have to ask yourself, why would this guy within hours of posting a global statement delete his LinkedIn account?

Maybe you are a Bud Lite drinker and you say to yourself, what does it matter? Well, when you discover “these people” are a part of a larger problem, like WEF globalist, like they say they are. Then you are supporting more than transgenders. You are supporting liberal, communist, Marxist ideologies and more. Learn to take a stand and just poor it out OR stop buying their crap products. Learn to take a stand! Tell them by using your power of the pocketbook. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do by not saying a word.

Many of us on the right side of these issues have been doing without many products for a very long time.

A woman is a human being with xx chromosomes and has the capabilities in her body to produce a baby in her uterus.

Pretty simple yet most of these people on the left can’t say that because of a new ideology, an insane ideology that men can pretend to be women and therefore are women.

Anyway, here is an excellent video by my newest hero Benny:

My man Benny annihilate Budweiser. Boom!

I honestly, believe that they influenced our elections also, and the only way to correct their influence is by a complete boycott of their products, period. We need to quit doing business with those businesses that even sell their products like pubs, bars and restaurants. Spread the word, tell your local pub they need to get rid of all AB products or you will not return. Then do what you say.

Support your local breweries or have a cocktail, but do not drink this poisonous liberal tears made of who knows what?

Here is a good start to boycott:

Here is why;

Update: 4/15/2023 – Media is now reporting this whole fiasco was good for Bud Lite “far from not being a successful campain”, I kid you not:

I would also mention I don’t drink any Budweiser nor will I ever drink it. I’m a local brewery type of guy or make my own.