We are already in the Perfect Economic Storm. It’s like a Hurricane. You know it’s a Cat 5 off the coast, you just don’t know exactly when it’s going to hit mainland or where. Like Ian, which I went through, you really can’t prepare for it’s landing on the mainland. You don’t know which to prepare for high winds or high water (inflation). You might survive the high water but the winds (devalued currency) blow your trees over (Savings) into your home (mortgage and rents). Through it all fear, panic and lack of preparations can leave you completely devastated. You are then left with living in a tent without any food relying completely on the government to rescue you. However, when it’s made landfall on the entire continent, there will be no help coming. You are left to fend for yourself living in the rot of dead fish and other living animals and humans that where killed in the initial attack of the storm. Normally, in a major storm you are given advance warning to evacuate, but this storm everyone must stay in place, because there is no where to go. That is a perfect Storm.

Dont be fooled by the lies and media from the current administration. This is a 100% man made storm, it was cloud seeded by the Biden Administration.