November 10, 2022, Scottsdale, Arizona

An investigation into corruption within Arizona cities and counties has yielded significant evidence of election fraud within Maricopa County during the recent mid-term election on November 8, 2022.

During the November 2020 Election, Adrian Fontes served as Maricopa County Recorder. Documents obtained during the investigation implicate Mr. Fontes accepting bribes prior to and during his tenure, which ran from 2017 to 2021. Said bribes were facilitated by Brittany Rae Chavez and Dawna Rae Chavez (daughter/mother). Daughter and mother are implicated in a series of racketeering schemes that include money laundering and bribery of public officials including a plethora of elected and appointed officials in the City of Mesa.

During 2019-2020 multiple falsified appointments of “election officials” were made. In Maricopa County, an oath document, Official Appointment and Oath of Office is prepared and signed by the County Recorder, executed with notarization by the appointee, and then executed by the Clerk of the county Board of Supervisors. The investigation has found that most of the alleged appointments were falsified. The notarizations are fake and were prepared and signed by Brittany Rae Chavez or Dawna Rae Chavez using assumed names. Many of the appointee signatures also are in the handwriting of either Brittany Rae Chavez or Dawna Rae Chavez.

Also in November 2020, Mr. Fontes, a Democrat, lost his bid for re-election to Stephen Richer, a Republican. That election was rigged for Mr. Richer to win through infiltration into the Maricopa County database. Statistically, Mr. Richer, a Republican, couid not have won.

The investigation, headed by attorney John H. Thaler, Harris/Thaler Law, further concludes that Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State for the State of Arizona and current candidate for Governor of Arizona has accepted bribes facilitated by the Chavez’s since at least 2002 including during her service as State Senator representing an area that includes the City of Mesa. Mr. Fontes is currently a candidate for Ms. Hobbs’ position as Secretary of State—which appears to have been the plan: move Mr. Richer, who is also implicated as a bribe recipient, to the position of County Recorder while moving Mr. Fontes into the position of Secretary of State and move Ms. Hobbs into the position of Governor.

Since 2019, Mr. Thaler has been investigating racketeering, bribery and corruption and the influence of drug cartels in the State of Arizona. His book, Report to the Governor, based on his May 2022 report prepared for Governor Doug Oucey and scheduled for publication in December 2022, concludes that Mexican drug cartels have been laundering money through schemes operated by the Mormon Church in Arizona. Further, documents necessary to facilitate said schemes are routinely prepared by Brittany Rae Chavez and Dawna Rae Chavez. The book will contain more than 3,000 documents evidencing the racketeering schemes and participants therein.

For further information, contact Jacqueline Breger at 602-670-8487.