Yes, I was working on a oil rig in 2014. I actually was working on several throughout the year. I worked as a private contractor/consultant. I worked in this orange unit you will see in some photos here. I would process the drilling fluid after it came back out of the hole. Drilling fluid was a very expensive oil, graphite and other slippery shit that needed to be recycled. I would run this fluid through very high speed centrifuges and send it back down the whole.

This is a great shot of driller pulling pipe. (Example)

This was one of my favorite jobs. It did have the capabilities to bust your ass, but for the most part, I enjoyed the experience to learn more and work one of the toughest jobs on the planet prior to me hitting sixty. I was 54 and was twice as old as most of the limited crews on each rig I worked on. Like in the video above, pulling pipe was a great day for me, because I got to leave the rig for a couple days.

I loved going exploring and taking photographs. I also shot some drone footage. I hope to share some of that here on this page also.

Bakken Oil Fields of North Dakota