I’m a big believer in Attitude and my brother Bob is even bigger, because my brother is Mr. Attitude! This was his truth boom for December 26th, 2022:

“Attitude is everything, it’s true
It shapes our days and what we do
A positive outlook can lift our spirits high
While a negative one will surely make us sigh.
With an attitude of gratitude, we find joy in all
Our cups are filled and our hearts stand tall
But if we let negativity seep in
Our days are dark and our joy grows thin
So let’s choose to have a bright attitude
It’s a simple choice, but one that’s crucial, dude. It’s the lens through which we see the world.

So let’s make it a positive one, my pearl.

Attitude is everything, it’s clear to see
It has the power to set us free
So let’s choose to be positive and strong
And let our joy in life prolong.

~ MrAttitude Dec. 26, 2022