You are watching a movie.

I’ve heard this over and over by my good friend.  “You are watching a movie!”

Ok, ok, you was right!

We are watching a movie.

How is it possible that this movie was produced and scripted just like the what happened in reality (very, very close)…  how?  Please explain.

Screenshot of movie review:


If nothing wakes up these sheep nothing will.  The whole world swallowed the wrong pill.

But the news is now starting to report the truth.  The battle has just begun.  My friends are starting to see the effects now.

Movie | Mocking Reality | Or a reflection of Reality

In any case, our world is at a precipice of truth.  It will follow Hollywood or some other twisted WEF global agenda or a higher order.

I’m going to leave this TRUNews link to help explain this higher order.

I believe to top link should be watched by ever man, woman and child on the planet.  That won’t even be close.  So what do we do?

That will depend on you and I.

May God Help Us all.