Guns are meant to kill. Nothing else! Period.  They were not designed for pretty shiny stuff to hang on wall nor show how tough you are.  No.  They are designed specifically to kill.

With that comes responsibility.  First you wouldn’t want to give a gun to someone who wanted to kill themselves, right?  So how we are we suppose to know that, unless he/she specifically says it?   “I’m gonna go buy a gun so I can kill myself.”

Gun ownership is multi-use kill.  You can sellect who or what to kill, quite specifically and with great accuracy.

It also allows the user to choose lame or kill.

But it’s primary use is kill.

This next example most people have a hard time understanding.  I will leave this here for you to reflect and try to understand.

For liberal minds:  Having a gun does not guarantee you won’t die by the gun. – Scott Prentice, Farm Raised, US Army Marksman, trained NRA Pistol Instructor and owner of Florida’s #1Concealed Carry Class for Women.

Learn the responsibilities that come with a gun and learn your US Constitutional Rights to gun ownership.

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