Just say, “Hallelujah!”


Greetings! Welcome to my little miracle post.  Yes, I do believe in miracles.  Hey, if you watched that video – a very special prayer has been said specifically for you in the name of Yahoshua my Lord!  He, my Lord has blessed me abundantly with health, freedom and liberty. I know trials, and I understand loss. I also understand and have received many great blessings through my Lord.  That is why I shared this message with you. So that you may receive this special blessing today!

“Lord, richly bless this visitor today with great healing.  Bless all my visitors Lord! I don’t pretend to know their needs like you do.  So, in my most humble desire I ask in the name of Yahoshua, please bless this individual with full restoration of health and healing. May their blood be cleansed of all harmful impurities and their bodies be restored.  Amen

Thank you Lord, in advance for answering my prayer today. You are truly an Awesome God!”