Black Hills Remote Acres For Sale –

9 Acres with good access and Electric to lot line.  Multiple building areas (Ready to build)  Depends which view suits you.   We are talking spectacular views. To the north you can see North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.  Towards the South you have Terry peak which is a spectacular view in all its own.

This property has some of the best access to cross country skiing, downhill, snowmobile trails, natural and virgin snow.   A 4 x 4 is not required but is recommended. I drove my diesel jetta up there for years even in the Winter no winner.

I lived up here for over 17 years.

This property is above the clouds on most days… 6500′ elevation.

Even though this property is really nicely remote,  It’s really not that far out of the way.. It’s all about 7 miles to Deadwood to Deadwood and about 50 miles to Rapid City. You can be in spirfish in about 25 minutes. You can be in spirfish in about 25 minutes.

The hunting is incredible, there must be 22,000 acres out there that’s either BLM or forest service.

Yes, the mineral rights go with this property.   It butts right up next to forest service and a gold mine  Richmond Hill Mine.

See the listing here.  Black Hills Remote Acres For Sale