Marlin 30-30

Well I’m finally getting to rebuild, polish, and re-blue my 1953 Marlin 30-30 336.This project has been literally scattered all over in my toolbox and in my polishing box. I refinished the stock 10 years ago.  It’s just been in parts forever, like maybe 9 years.. I know, that’s pathetic.

Anyway it’s been a lot of fun there was a lot of rust on it at the barrel tip.  Apparently this sat on the barrel’s tip in a wet area or a place that got wet I can’t remember where it was at and sat there for like 2 months and got pretty rusty and I finally took it apart to stop the rust then put some oil on it and just kind of shoved it into the corner of my stuff hoping I’d get it finished one day.

Nothing really exciting on this other than I realized I need a new set of gunsmith tools  Like some nice screwdrivers.

I used the Birchwood Casey Super Blue.

Gun Blue Review

This wasn’t a perfect job by all means but it did stop or should stop the rust.

Wire polishing wheel

Really all blueing is an actual corrosion.

Got it all oiled and I ordered a hammer extender.

Marlin 336 Reblue

Barrel of 336 Marlin

Marlin 336 30-30

This baby is 73 years old.  I’ve had it for 1/2 that.

Blue rifle

Great video of 30-30